About Us

Better Quality & Design

We serve our clients for a long time by always providing one on one dialogues. We are a %100 Turkish capitalized firm who always develops itself by providing a better quality, a better design and of course a better service.

We Make a Difference

As By Harmony I.C., our infrastructure and staff are ideally formed to serve in the modern international market where there is a constant development and in the diverge clothing sectors. We share our experience on women’s, men’s and kid’s clothing with our clients from our headquarters which is located in Istanbul.


Being one of the leading companies in our sector by means of following and using new technologies in the world and, bring new values to our city and country.


Ensuring that the total quality is continuously improving by means of bringing the quality to forefront in all aspects and, keeping our customers satisfied at all times by means of meeting their requests and expectations under the most appropriate conditions.

We are especially working on reducing the usage of dangerous substance as much as we can by promoting waste recycling and waste reuse.

Wastes are reused or recycled as possible. We are putting effort on managing these wastes, especially dangerous ones, with care.

We are providing every way of help as possible to our suppliers to adapt the national regulations in terms of environmental protection.

We are determined to put our effort on cutting down any possible negative effects on environment and natural resources because of our business activities.

Our Experience

We are taking precautions to minimize our influence on the environment as much as we can. We have been trying to diminish or even to eliminate the emissions which are produced by us and by the production factories resulted from the production activities, also we are trying our best to preserve natural resources such as water and unrenewable resources.

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Business Development
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